69 Rude Rhymes

What Is It?

69 Rude Rhymes - A Collection Of Erotic Poetry69 Rude Rhymes - A Collection Of Erotic PoetryThe best way to give you a feel for what 69 Rude Rhymes is all about, and the type of original adult poems it contains, is to let you read the Introductory poem from the book itself:

Ready to enjoy a bit of poetic porn
Unsuitable for prudes, it's only fair to warn
Divided between the romantic and hard core
Expect it's unlike anything you've read before
Raunchy in part, full-frontal in places too
Hope that it at least entertains and excites you
You and your lover may do more than kiss and caress
My goal, if that happens, will have met with success
Enjoying sex is what it's about, at all times
So welcome to this book, called 69 Rude Rhymes

The 69 Rude Rhymes are...

Warning! Contains strong and explicit language!
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